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The Colour tab in the customization menu.

Customization in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout refers to the modification of player's Fall Guy appearence and animations. Various customization items can be obtained in different ways, such as purchasing them with UI currency kudos 1080p.png Kudos or UI currency crowns 1080p.png Crowns.

Customization is only cosmetic and does not affect gameplay during the rounds.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

Most of the available customization items can be purchased from the in-game shop. There are two categories of items: Featured Items and Regular Items.

Featured Items are the same for everyone, and will change every 3 days, at 10:00 BST. There are always 3 featured items on sale. If a player owns any of the featured items when they come back into the rotation, those are also replaced with "Coming Soon" signs.

Regular Items change depending on what the player has not yet acquired, so the items in this category differ per player, and will change every day, at 10:00 BST. There are always 6 regular items on sale, and these are drawn from two separate item pools following this logic:

  • the first 4 items (from left to right) usually draw from an item pool of regular items that cost Kudos;
  • the last 2 items draw from a separate item pool of regular items that cost Crowns.
  • If there are not enough unobtained items remaining from any pool to fulfill the above criteria, it is not replaced by an item from the other pool, but instead by a "Coming Soon" sign.