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Article titles

It is required that an article title keeps the relation of the content

Make sure to always capitalize,and use professional sentences/phrases

For example:

Incorrect: p body aka fall guys skin

Correct: P-Body is a skin in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that can be bought with in game currency.


When editing be aware to use the templates

For example:

Incorrect: Cajun fries is an epic costume in the game.

Correct: Cajun fries is an Epic costume in Fall Guys.


Grammar is a key part of creating a succesful article.It is required that users use correct grammer to express content,making it possible for the reader to understand.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is made by UK developers so the official spelling is British English. For instance,"color" should be "colour"


In-game items should be considered a common noun,with the exception of starting a new sentence.Therefore they should not be capitalized.


When linking you should be aware of the following

  • Underlinking
  • Overlinking

When underlinking it can possible frustrate the reader,due to the fact that there are no links to connect/explain the topic better.Although when overlinking is when the reader is seeing to many links,and can possibly distract the reader,causing the eye to shift focus multiple times.Furthermore,if the same word or phrase is linked multiple times it can leave the reader in question,wondering if the links are directing them to different articles or not.Please take this into consideration.