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Players in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout must fight their way through a variety of obstacles in order to reach the end of the obstacle course. Many of the obstacles in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout were inspired by obstacles from the classic Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle.

Types of Obstacles[edit | edit source]

Spinning plate[edit | edit source]

A circular platform that continuously rotates fast making the players fling due to it's speed towards the direction of it's arrows.

Spinning Plates as seen in Dizzy Heights.

Rolling projectile[edit | edit source]

An object, usually a ball or a fruit, that is thrown into the game area and is affected by physics making the players pushed.


Slope[edit | edit source]

An inclination on the floor that makes it easier for players to fall.

See saw[edit | edit source]

A long plane balanced in the middle on a fixed support. The weight on each end determines which one is higher.

Door[edit | edit source]

As expected, a door is a gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place to another. When players push through it, the door collapses allowing them to continue. There are fake doors in some rounds and those will act as solid walls when players collide with them.

Rotating beam[edit | edit source]

A cylindrical beam that juts out from a center cylinder and spins around in a circular motion, with the center of its path being the cylinder it juts out from.

Swinging hammer[edit | edit source]

A hammer that swings in a circled manner

Disappearing tile[edit | edit source]

A type of floor tile that disappears a few seconds after stepping on it or instantly.

Pinwheel[edit | edit source]

There are two kinds of this obstacle: vertical and horizontal.

The horizontal ones won't rotate until a physical object pushes them and will loose momentum over time when not more forces are applied.

Vertical pinwheels move continuously, pushing players caught by it's blade.

Slime[edit | edit source]

There are two types of slime: the floor type and the game-ending type.

The game-ending type is a fluid in multiple courses, usually on the lowest level. Players touching it instantly lose. Most of the time it is static, however it does move in some courses.

The floor type is a coating on the ground that makes players lose most of their friction. Changing speed and direction is difficult. It can be used as just a slippery floor with other obstacles to displace movement, or as a slide to gain speed for a jump.

Pendulum[edit | edit source]

A ball hanging in a rope that moves describing an arc. Does not stop or slow down when hitting players.

Moving block[edit | edit source]

An impassable block that moves blocking player's paths.

Bumper[edit | edit source]

There are two types of bumpers, both of which have the same general effect: bumping the player away from it.

The first type of bumper is usually triangular in shape, with a balloon-looking lining. Players that touch the sides are bumped back with some force, usually rnough to throw off their momentum. They can also be jumped on, in which it will act like a trampoline, prpelling players in tge same direction with an upward force equal to a jump.

The second type is a tall, thin cylinder. It is about as tall as two players, with many rings of the balloon lining. It is too tal to jump onto. It is small, but is commonly used as a moving object as well, which can also hit players harder.

Log[edit | edit source]

A cylinder players can use as a bridge.

Conveyer belt[edit | edit source]

A surface that moves the players on it towards the direction of it's arrows.

Big Yeetus[edit | edit source]

A spinning hammer that sits upright and swings at players at extremely fast speeds in a circled manner. It can appear randomly during matches in random locations. It’s existence was first “leaked” via the official Fall Guys Twitter account on September 2nd and was eventually released on September 15th as a major update titled “BIG YEETUS AND ANTI-CHEETUS”.